About SirJohn, the humble abode & the person behind it

About SirJohn

For the first time I appeared in the flickering light of the campfire in the clearing of ‘Zauberwald’ (“magic forest”). In this fantasy-set chatroom of Chatcity.de, strange characters of all shapes arrived at this time, probably attracted by the magic of this place. From this blend of computer- and LARP game this, my avatar, arose in long nights and accompanied me thereafter. Since that day more than two ages have passed by now.
In November 2012, when I rather coincidentally came to translate the new version of the Avatar’s sixth adventure into the German language, this paved the way for a my still ongoing career at the court of Lord British as his scribe for Germanic language.

About this site

Over the years, I managed to translate many of the Avatar’s great and small adventures, so it was time to find them a worthy place in the library of my humble abode.
I would also like to offer a forum for support on the translations provided here on this page.
If I revise translations in the future or fix existing bugs, the downloads will be updated as soon as time permits.
The blog on ungesundes-halbwissen.de will of course be continued, but will be reserved for current projects.

About me

I’ve been on the web for 25 years now. In 1994 ‘surfing ‘ the mailboxes of FidoNet, since 1995 also the WWW. Since 1996 I have been administrating web-, forum- and community pages. Two of the better known websites (at their times) where I was allowed to leave my modest, “administrative & moderating” traces were probably the chat community site Zauberwald.net and the Home of the Underdogs Community site.
I am not a trained translator and certainly no “native speaker”. But I take interest and like the English language and try to get better and better: maybe one day I will even be able to master it…