Ultima 7 Nitpicker’s Delight

The Nitpicker’s Delight Patch addresses some inconsistencies and mistakes in the canonical story-line and at the same time tries to enhance your gaming experience by fixing some bugs as well as using helpful and convenient patches some of the die-hard Ultima fans at UDIC and elsewhere have come up with over the time.

Bugs fixed are
-> Tseramed’s “Avatar” bug
-> Rankin’s “liqueur” bug
-> Usecode-sniplet is not displayed anymore, when wasting a potion
-> fishing was made possible by Natreg Dragon
-> Iskander quest is solvable, thx to Natreg Dragon

Tweaks & Patches included in this patch are:
-> Tremor fix by ripsaw8080
-> General MIDi patch by Newton Dragon (optional)
-> An extra portrait by Idspi Dragon
-> UltimaHacks by Eureka Dragon

Also, a reworked version of the modern Antiqua font was added: it now displays more text and makes purchase options available, that were hidden before

Due to potential spoilers, all nitpicks I was able to address so far can be found on an extra page. Be sure, you know, what you are doing :-). (SPOILERS ahead): Nitpicks

The patch works with the vanilla (Dosbox) version of Ultima 7 as well as with Exult. If you run U7 in Exult, using the installer is recommended, since not all files are required to run. Whatsmore, some of the files included should not be copied to the MODS directory. So, skip the installer only if you know what you are doing, or – if you can read BATCH, study the script to learn what files to copy/skip/rename.

Enjoy the game and let me know of any peculiarities you stumble upon!

Ultima 7 Nitpicker’s Delight Patch
Author SirJohn
Description All files you need to play a “nitpicked” version of Ultima 7 – The Black Gate
Either copy all files within the archive directory into your games folder and
get some of the original game files overwritten or use the CMD-installer, which
will backup the original files first and also offers the option to uninstall
the Nitpicker’ss Delight Patch and restore your original game files.
Size 2.65 MB
Version 1.01