Ultima 7 – nitpicks addressed

The nitpicks I was able to address thus far are:

  1. Gwennos note does not read anymore that she is already gone to Serpent Isle on her own.
    Compliant to the introduction sequence it now reads, she is looking for a way to get there
  2. Neno no longer mistakes his trio for a quartet (0427:27)
  3. Gordon no longer sells Fish&Chips from his (non-existing) wagon, but from a stall (043A)
  4. All people, notes and deeds now know or reflect, that horse & carriage are a wagon drawn
    by two horses, not one (031D:61/62/78,040B:27)
  5. Likewise Sam no longer pretends to sell from a (non-existing) wagon (0489:32/40)
  6. Gorn no longer misspells his master's name "Brohm" (048A)
  7. Markham is a ghost now, not a zombie anymore (048C:18)
  8. ... and he also knows now, that the graveyard is to the west and no longer misdirects you (048C:50)
  9. Cubolt now knows where Moonglow is (049B:19) east of Britain -> northeast of New Magincia
  10. Jillian now knows the name of Verity Isle and the correct location of Moonglow (049F:18)
  11. Addom now remembers more accurately, where he found the crystal (04A4:)
  12. Syria, the fighter from the south is now Syria, fighter from the east. When the Avatar talks to Syria, they are in Jhelom. As Syria has come to Jhelom from somewhere else and there is no island south or west from Jhelom, she must be from the east instead (047E:13)
  13. Brion no longer sends you "upstairs" for he is living in a one-storey house (04F8:43)
  14. Penumbras "plaques" are but one "plague" (04F9:59)
  15. ... and she more accuratley speaks of a dungeon "on one of these islands"
  16. Dungeon Despise is now correctly Dungeon Shame again (0269:58, 041D:40, 0621:12, 0638:85)
  17. Danag now knows the names of Dungeon Hythloth and Bucanneer's Cave
  18. As does Sintag
  19. Julia now remembers she had been working as tinkerer before
  20. Old Draxinusom, whom we know since Ultima VI talks about the set of virtues he grew up with: the Shrines of Principle and virtues of Passion, Diligence and Control. Not only about the more recent "ways of the altars"
  21. No one ever met the "creator" of the Flying Carpet, since Mr. Loubet acquired it and used it to come to Britannia in Ultima V. Hence, it must have been him or another "owner", who believed it to be a failure, not the original and unknown "creator". Alagnars book was updated accordingly.
  22. Astellerons Logbook needed to be reworked since the text was not align with the remaining canonical storyline. It now is.
  23. Garok Al-Mat no longer invites to his mountain home to gather reagents at reduced prices as he never goes there after his leaving the dungeon.