Ultima 7 Comic

Back in 2006 french artist and cartoonist Damien Barban retold the story of Ultima VII – The Black Gate in a graphic novel. Damien labels his work as “unpolished and merely a draft” and yes: cover, impressum and other essentials are missing, yet, it is a one-of-a-kind-experience for Ultima fans all over the world.

With great thankfulness I learned, he generously gave permission to make his work available to Ultima fans free of charge for now.

If you enjoy it, have a look at his other work at http://storyboarder.fr
Enjoy this piece of art and venture to Britannia on a deffierent path for once 🙂

Ultima 7 – Graphic Novel
Author Damien Barban
Description The story of Ultima 7 – The Black Gate as graphic novel
by french artist Damien Barban.
Size 212 MB
Version 0.1