Modern Font for Ultima 7 & Serpent Isle

I have completely reworked the two fonts for Ultima 7 and Serpent Isle and reduced the line spacing so much that now more text can be displayed. With a few abbreviations, the more numerous dialogue options now also fit on the screen.

As a welcome side-effect, the German version of Ultima 7 now has more text per “page” which considerably reduces the click effort within the dialogues. Here is, what it looks like now:



Both fonts run in DOSBOX as well as EXULT and work for German and English versions of the game.

I have put both fonts (Fractura & Serife) up for grabs here:

Moderne Schriftart für Ultima 7 – The Black Gate
Authors Kanto, Dominus Dragon, SirJohn
Dscription A modern font for Ultima 7 without fracture plus the original gothic
font in an overworked version.
The modern font is based on the work of Kanto and Dominus Dragon.
In the version available here, the previous kerning problems have
been fixed.
For both fonts the linespacing has been corrected, so that now more
text lines can be displayed per insertion.
Size 63,5 KB
Version 2.1