Ultima 6 Project

Downloads for Ultima 6 Project by Team Archon

Here you find tools and works I created (or helped creating) for Ultima 6 Project.

if you have any questions or need help of any sort, please do let me know: either by using the contact form below or by dropping me a mail to:


SirJohn (Serendipitous Dragon)


Mod Installer for Ultima 6 Project
Author SirJohn
Description I created an installer taking care of all mods available for Ultima 6 Project.
You can choose, what Mods you want to run and it will copy all files necessary into
the game’s directory. All binary files required are already included, so you can run
this installer on every offline-gaming PC you might have.
The installer only makes use of other people’s work and features the following mods
(and more) for you to choose from:
– Chuckles Scroll Changer Mod by Shaella
– New Lorebook Icons Mod by Shaella
– New Spell Scroll Icons Mod by Shaella
– New Spell Scroll Icon Names Mod by Shaella
– Highlight Reagents Mod by Shaella
– Spiders Drop More Silk Mod by Shaella
– Portrait Pack by Tribun Dragon
– Portrait Pack by anguilla
– Graphics for New Lorebook Icons Mod by Tribun Dragon
– Alfies Camera Mod
– Classic Cloth Map Mod
– XiDragon’s Enhanced Graphics Mod
Size 50,9
Version 0.7


English documentation for Ultima 6 Project
Authors Tribun Dragon & SirJohn
Content The documentation bundle features:
– The Prologue to Ultima VI by Tribun Dragon
– The Cluebook to Ultima 6 Project in English, written, compiled and designed by
Tribun Dragon
– The Compendium (Book of Lore) of Ultima 6 Project in English, faithfully designed
by Tribun Dragon. It contains the in-game compendium in English, making it available
Size 20,4 MB
Version 1.0


One thought on “Ultima 6 Project

  1. dantan

    Good morning, Sir John. I have a strange and embarrasing problem; for some reason I can’t recall, I have misplaced the Book of Prophecy, but I really do not know how that happened. I don’t think I accidentally sold it or dropped it, but anyway, its not in any of my companion’s inventory nor mine.

    Is there any console command I can key to get it back? I can’t proceed with Mariah at Lycaem without this book, I think.

    Please help, thank you. Danke!


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