Hail to thee, Wanderer!

In recent years, I have been able to translate some of the Avatar’s adventures into German. It is my pleasure to share the results of my endeavours with you, fellow readers and adventurers.
The patches I have created for each game are available for download here.

The content you will find on the English pages will be different to the one featured in the German section, simply because it does make little sense to offer downloads in German, if you are not capable of speaking the language. Alas, everything you will find here is language independent or English.
If you do speak German, please switch to the German pages: all the English content is featured there as well.

Please do not mirror any of my works

The quality of the translations and patches I do is important to me and I also correct mistakes long after patches have initially been released. Therefore I would be grateful if you would not mirror the patches yourself, but instead link to my site. So I can be sure that only the best possible version of a patch is available on the net. My site is and will remain free of: charge, advertising and registration. Promised! 🙂

My most sincere gratitude,


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